About Community & Nonprofit Leadership Consulting


Jennifer Skolaski, Ph.D., is the owner of Community & Nonprofit Leadership Consulting, LLC. She has been involved with a variety of nonprofits including organizations that focus on environment, education, health care, safety, youth, domestic violence, and poverty. She has been a volunteer, employee, and advocate for nonprofits. She continuously looks for opportunities that use her skills, strengthen her personally and professionally, and strive to meet her life goal of making a difference in our communities.  

Professional Higher Education Experience

Jennifer has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in the Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, and Department of Public Administration, as well as in the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay department of Public and Environmental Affairs. In her graduate studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jennifer completed her dissertation research on boundary spanning in higher education and her master’s thesis on college student interest in going into nonprofit careers. Jennifer has played various roles in nonprofits over the years from staff member, board member, intern, to volunteer. These experiences have inspired her to continue working in the nonprofit sector to bring results through working collaborations and making an impact in the community. 

Interesting Tidbit

Jennifer was an All American Swimmer for the University of Iowa. During her tenure she was awarded Iowa’s female 2005 Big Ten Outstanding Sportsmanship Award Winner, 2005 Top Ten Finalist for NCAA Women of the Year, 2005 Iowa Big Ten Medal of Honor winner, as well as a NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship Award winner. Jennifer attributes these successes to great mentors and coaches, as well as an innate competitive nature. This also occurs in board games!

In My Own Words: An Energetic, Optimistic, Go-Getter!

I would sum myself up as an extremely enthusiastic and positive person. I’m a hard worker and relationship builder, which means I get things done and thrive on working and talking with people. I have the ability to make sure everyone has a voice at the table while seeing the strengths in every person so that groups can work better together. I wake up every morning (or at least most mornings) with a smile on my face ready to take on the day, and of course having fun and adding humor along the way. I strive to make our communities a better place offering my skills and strengths to compliment those who are already working hard.